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These continuing education opportunities are live symposia offered during medical conferences in various therapeutic areas around the world. Our expert faculty present the most current information, research findings, and emerging therapies in each subject. Click the links to learn more about our symposia and how to register for an event.

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  New Developments Targeting the Complement & Cytokine Pathways in AMR: A Clinical ForumSM

  June 2, 2019
  Boston, MA 


  Early Intervention for CMV and AMR in Difficult-to-Treat Patients: A Clinical ForumSM
  June 3, 2019
  Boston, MA



   Clinical Convergence®: Child and Adolescent Bipolar Depression - ISPN
   May 31, 2019
   Charlotte, NC


   Clinical Convergence®: Child and Adolescent Bipolar Depression - APNA-CPI
   June 7, 2019
   Louisville, KY



   Addressing Real-World Practice Gaps in the Management of RA: A Care Team ForumSM
   June 14, 2019
   Madrid, Spain