An Immersive Virtual Patient Simulation

Interact with virtual patients and physicians to learn practical, data-driven strategies that will help you diagnose and treat multiple sclerosis(MS).


Clinical Exchanges®: Detangling Difficult Conversations About Multiple Sclerosis

This conversation-centered activity with educational pearls takes learners through a clinical exchange between patients with multiple sclerosis and their providers.

Clinical Reflections®: Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis and Management Strategies

Discover scenarios of patients with multiple sclerosis followed by assessment and management questions that explore how the patients can be managed optimally.


Diagnosing and Managing Multiple Sclerosis: A Personalized Approach

With rapidly changing guidelines and treatment indications, it can be difficult discerning when to start a disease-modifying therapy in the early spectrum of multiple sclerosis (MS), such as clinically and radiologically isolated syndrome; how to discuss MS management in women of childbearing age; or how to use the new guidelines to confirm an MS diagnosis. In this supplement, these topics will be addressed along with recognizing treatment failure, knowing when to switch therapies, and how to incorporate patient preference in treatment-related decisions.